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Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

A wide range of investment opportunities across industries and throughout Ukraine with full due diligence support by financial and legal professionals can be obtained per your request.

At a glance, investment opportunities and current business projects include but not limited to:


Investment opportunities in Ukrainian agricultural production and agricultural infrastructure. (Presentation)


Ukraine’s Gas Market Reform: Green Light to Investments in Natural Gas Transmission, Production and Energy Efficiency. (Presentation)

Software Development

Investing in web media and custom software development in Ukraine. (Presentation)


Ukraine is seeking significant further development of its transportation networks. This relates primarily to international transportation corridors: seaports, railways, airports and motorways. (Presentation)


We provide comprehensive legal and consulting services for business registration in Ukraine.

First Step

1-   Send you business invitation to get Ukrainian visa

2-   Dhl services

3-   Meeting and transfer at the airport

Second Step

1-   consultation on process and procedure of company registration and on important aspects of business law in Ukraine

2-   Legal translator services during

3-   obtaining individual identification number 

4-   drafting of all needed documents for company set-up (incl. charter, articles of association, minutes of general meeting, protocol, power of attorney);

5-   company registration in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

6-   obtaining of business registration number;

7-   business registration in tax and social security authorities;

8-   seal (stamp) obtaining and banking account opening;

9-   tax advisory;

Duration 15-20 days

Third step

1-   Permission of work for foreign if the owner is the manager

Duration 45 days

we also offer you buy / rent services for the office in Ukraine

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Special Offers

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