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Nightlife in Kyev

Relax, don't stress! This is not a tour, it is a good time! Designed to introduce newcomers to the nightlife scene through a local's eyes!

A night out with us makes for a fun and easy time. You won't stress trying to find your own party as we take you to them. Together, we'll visit places you'll remember long after your trip has ended.. We lead you to a minimum of 4 local establishments where you'll get a good idea of the typical scene in Kyev.

We'll also teach you the most important drinking lesson. Your guide is also an endless fountain of information giving you undivided attention during the course of the evening. The tour is designed to move around and switch between the most up to date local places, as well as visiting some classics, so never expect a dull time with us. This tour makes an excellent intro to the nightlife of Kyev on your first night or visit to the city, and will give you great ideas of where else to go on your trip.

Prices : send your request to Jasmintravel.ua@gmail.com

Price applies for tours in English, Arabic,

You will be picked by the tour guide from reception of your centrally located hotel, alternatively in front of house, where is your apartment located.

Starting time

We recommend start of Kiev Nightlife Tour between 19:00 (7.00 PM) and 21:00 (9.00 PM).


This standard Kiev Night Tour takes 4 hours, more hours can be arranged when booking.